14 Things About Me

I had a post ready for today but realized I might want to save it for tomorrow. So instead I thought I would use today for you to get to know me a little better as well as meet some of you!

Here goes: 14 random things about me.

  1. I live in Amish country – aka Lancaster County, PA.  Home to the smell of manure being sprayed in the fields most of the year.
  2. I occasionally ride a motorcycle – yes I am a fair weather rider.  I have tried riding when its cold and it’s quite miserable.
  3. I love donuts. And pretty much anything else with a high sugar content. If there was a DA (Donuts Anonymous) class to attend I would be their seasoned veteran.
  4. I am married to the lovely Sarah Mae. (She is the main culprit to why I even remotely had an interest in blogging in the first place. So thank you!)
  5. Love visiting New York City.
  6. Favorite actor is Harrison Ford…Denzel Washington is a close second.
  7. Favorite movie is The Fugitive. (Side note: I actually have been to dam where the scene in the movie took place in TN while on a motorcycle road trip.  Beautiful scenery there.)
  8. I occasionally become grumpy. More so than I would like to admit; actually to the point Sarah Mae tells me I need to make a website called, “www.grumpypants.com” to which the kids call me grumpypants.com.  (see #3: usually solves this problem.) Ironically someone just secured the website!
  9. I wish I was going to the Killer Tribes Conference.
  10. Love blasting ’80’s music in our house.
  11. The last website I visited that I enjoy reading was: www.deeperstory.com
  12. I met Ira Wagler yesterday! Author of NY Times Bestseller, “Growing Up Amish.”
  13. I love IKEA.
  14. I want to move to Nashville, TN one day. (It’s warmer down there and not so much manure.)
Now tell me something about you! Also, if you have one, leave your Twitter handle in the comments!


  • http://www.queenofthehouseofboys.com Janelle

    According to your daughter you left one item off of this list. At Allume she admitted to me : “my dad loves to smell books!” ;) hmmm some things about me. I have a husband and 3 sons: Xavier who is 14, River is 4, Harrison is 22 months. I hate cleaning. Love the smell of new fabric. A fabric store is a slice of heaven to me.

    • JesseHoover

      Janelle, wonderful to meet you! Some things are better left unsaid. I could make a separate list of my favorite smells if needed; clean laundry, new books, coffee and on and on. Ha!

  • http://www.eileenknowles.com Eileen

    Nice to get to know you, Jesse! I tend to get stuck in the 80s when it comes to music too! And I’ve actually told my husband that we really need to move to Nashville because that seems to be where all the cool kids live…either there or Atlanta. ;) My hubby’s family is from the Atlanta area so maybe one day it will happen.

    • JesseHoover

      So by virtue of your husband you most be one of the cool kids!

  • http://www.amylearns.com Amy Tilson

    Hmm… I grew up in manure country, too – in SW VA. On bike rides I would take a big breath and hold it until I passed the offending farm. It’s not easy to hold your breath and ride a bike as fast as possible. There are other smells I love, manure (cow, horse, chicken, pig) is NOT one of them!

    • JesseHoover

      I have had my share of holding my breath. Chicken manure is the most unbearable of them all.

  • http://unknownjim.com Jim

    I wonder if you get cranky because you haven’t had enough donuts??? Shoot–something about me–umm, I’ve seen Jerry Maguire probably 30 times and I’m convinced it’s what made me become a writer. My favorite book is the Catcher in the Rye and my top 3 movies include The Godfather, Rocky IV and Shooter. How cool would it be to combine all three of those movies. Now THAT’S an idea right? A boxer who is an assassin who takes out Russian mobsters. Sounds like a blockbuster to me!!

    • JesseHoover

      This is entirely possible. Donuts do wonders! As far as the movie goes, it would be quite complex yet entertaining.

  • Jason Crisanti

    My wife met your wife at the Texas Mom Heart Conference. I too like donuts but had to give them up. I am a father of 6 kids, 4 of them at the same time. yep quadruplets. my Twitter @jasoncrisanti
    Looking forward to your blog!

    • JesseHoover

      Great to meet you Jason. And here I thought I had my hands full, quadruplets!

      • Jason Crisanti

        it is a hand full no matter how many you have. Thank goodness for Gods Grace! Thanks for replying.

  • http://www.crystalstine.me Crystal

    Ah, the joys of Amish country living ;) Since we don’t live far from one another, I can definitely relate..good ol’ PA. Hmm..something about me. I will only eat a cheesesteak in Philly from Pats (whiz with, thankyouverymuch), the Krispie Kreme “hot” sign makes my heart melt, and my love for Zumba makes those other two things options in my life ;) (twitter: @CrystalStine)

  • http://whimsywords.blogspot.com Julie Anne

    a few things about me… in relation to your list.
    I live “next door” to a Belted Galloway cow farm (next door being relative out here in the country) and about 2 miles from a buffalo farm…
    In town (20 minutes away) we have 3 donut shops (Krispy Kreme, Donut Connection, and Dunkin Donuts) in less than a mile stretch.
    and I have never been to IKEA
    twitter (@parresia) … but hoping to rebrand somehow, someway with my too common name.

    • JesseHoover

      Jealous of your perfect trifecta of a donut location! Great to meet you!