Cancer is a Four Letter Word


When said, it rings hollow and violent in your ears like a four letter word.

It’s not sympathetic, racist, sexist or prejudice in anyway. It’s an equal opportunity seeker. Seeks those whom it wants to devour.



Painful without the sting of pain.

The only pain it hands out, is to those closest to you. It wreaks havoc on your hope, life and makes loud in places of silence.

Cancer: A four letter word.

  • Brian Gardner

    For some reason this year cancer has become something I’ve continually grown to fear. Up until 2013 I naively thought to myself “I’m young, and it won’t affect me.”

    Maybe it’s the fact that I’m heading towards 40, but the thought of going through a battle and watching my wife and son experience that haunts me daily.

    As a Christian, I know that I’d be able to take comfort in verses like Psalm 23, but that doesn’t mean as a human I don’t think about it all the time.

    • Jesse Hoover

      Brian, It’s something that I’ve feared I would have to face with family members one day. Unfortunately one too many too soon is here. It’s frustrating and painful at the same time. Sometimes the comfort is hard to feel. I guess that’s why they call it faith, right?

      • Brian Gardner

        Yeah. Right now my (cancerless) life is just peachy, which means my walk with the Lord is great. One of the biggest questions I have, though, is “what happens when the storm comes?”

        What happens if I get cancer? Or if a police office came to the door to tell me Shelly and Zach were killed in a car accident.

        How will my faith hold up then?

        To be honest, I don’t want to answer that question — I have a feeling it wouldn’t be the answer it *should* be.

        • Jesse Hoover

          Brian, Maybe this is how we answer, “Watch Me”..via Amber Haines. (read this tonight and seems rather fitting)

          • Brian Gardner

            Thanks for sharing the link. You might be onto something. ;-)

  • Kelly Eyer Wicker

    I’ve thought about that also, how would my faith hold up if I was in a situation like that? Over the past couple of years I’ve come to realize that for some reason God has put many people in my path that have had their faith tested either by the death of a child or personal injury, all in the past year or so. I have been able to follow their stories and struggles very closely and they have all shared so openly what they go through on a daily basis. I believe He is teaching me that it is possible to get through the tragedy and heart break with Him carrying me the whole way. That if I turn to Him and and cling to Him and have faith in Him that He will do what He promises. I am seeing it happen and trying my best to learn from what He is showing me :-) And I believe Alzheimer’s is another four letter word :-( I love your posts by the way Jesse, they really make me think!

    • Jesse Hoover

      Kelly, I agree with everything you have said. As painful as these things can be I wonder if they can be blessings (no cliches intended here; I don’t like cliches) in the sense that our faith in the hard times can be a gauge to show us how authentic our trust and faith are. Thanks for your input Kelly!