No Redos in Raising A Man

Today I am honored to be guest posting for Below is an excerpt from my guest post. Hope you all have had a wonderful break with your families this past Labor Day weekend!

His hair is long.

Ruffled over and past his ears reminding me that I need to do something with this ‘mop’ that has taken over his head.

He grabs the sides of his hair and pulls them down even further past the tops of his ears and says to me,

“ Daddy, I need a hair cut. See, my hair is really long.”

As he leaves the room to get his change of clothes for church, I reassure him that I’ll cut his hair.

Oil runs down my fingers as I prepare the clippers that will soon plow through his numbered hairs like a combine that harvests corn.

My son returns into the room, his arms overflowing with his brand new suit. A wide, proud smile consumes him as he belts out confidently,

“Daddy, I’m a man now. I’m not a boy any more.”

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  • Barb Raveling

    Wow, I loved this post at boydads. Our kids are 17, 19, 22, and 26 now so we’ve had some opportunities to see the results of our parenting. We did some things right and some things wrong. Thankfully, God can make up for those mistakes. But what you’ve said in your post is so important – to make parenting a priority because you really do only get those young years once. I remember my husband going on “man-outings” with our sons when they were little. The boys loved it. So thankful for great dads. Glad you are making it a priority and encouraging others to do the same. :)