The Sins They Are Afraid to Admit to You


Every evening when darkness fell, I climbed into bed anticipating the steps of my dad entering my room.

At six years old I would listen as footsteps made their way up and down the hall. Sometimes my room first, other times my sisters’ room.

And so it went every evening my dad would read to me from the Bible followed by singing and praying. One of my favorite songs I heard, was this chorus line we sung together:

“Jesus paid it all,

all to Him I owe,

Sin had a left a crimson stain,

He washed it white as snow.”

I’m not sure why this song has been my favorite for so long. Maybe it’s the simplicity of it. Maybe it’s because the older I get the more meaning it has. When “Jesus paid it all”, there is more all today then there was yesterday. With each passing day there is more all that has been paid. The more all, the more I owe.

Or do I really owe Him?

Pure theologians might argue that we don’t really owe Him anything. This is true, but I think the phrase captures the reality that when He paid it all, there is a debt I cannot pay, which makes my gratitude greater. Knowing that I don’t have to pay Him, increases my gratitude all the more.

I sing this song to my own children, in hopes they too grasp how simple the gospel is, yet how great the impact it has. To know that our sins are like crimson stains that He has washed white as the purest snow. I want them to know that God views us as the purest snow that falls in the winter. I want them to see others the way God sees us.

When sin and heartache ravage people’s lives and families, I want my children to remember, that Jesus has paid it all. Not just part of it or when they repent or get it together. But all of it. For who really has it all together.

He has paid it all yesterday, today and tomorrow.

When I sing this song now, I ask myself: “Do I live like I believe that He has paid it all?” And when I look at others, especially those I go to church with, am I willing to say that Jesus has paid their all.

All of them, all of their sins.

Their present sins.

The sins they will commit tomorrow.

The sins they are to afraid to confess and admit to you.

Are we people who will trust God with the sins of others?

Can we be their friend, not their God.

  • Ada Handley

    All I can say is Amen! (And I think I’ve just added a song to our bedtime routine!)

  • Jesse Hoover

    Thanks Ada!

  • Stacey Munsey Taylor

    Yes! Jesus paid it all and He said “It is finished.” Not stay tuned…finished.

    • Jesse Hoover

      I’m glad it is finished. :)

  • Janelle Marie

    Yes sir! Finished for every single one of us, no matter the sin. Hard to believe for many of us, but Jesus died for every single sinner, not just the socially acceptable sins/sinners.

    Great post.


    • Jesse Hoover

      So true Janelle. Thanks!